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We are a dynamic legal and tax consulting firm. Built on a strong academic heritage, employ evidence-based methodologies, and pursue innovative homegrown solutions to problems facing the private and public sectors. We dabble in what traditional research institutes or consulting houses cannot, and deliver value to our clients. We pride ourselves not only in the depth of our team but in our ability to push boundaries in thought around issues we work on.

What We Are Experts At:

LexLegal, LexResearch and LexTax

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LexTax offers thought leadership in tax on two levels: research and tax advisory. The research arm seeks to contribute towards the understanding and development of tax law in the region. The tax advisory and transactional services arm aims at ensuring efficient tax structuring and compliance with the law for our clients.We are passionate about the significant role that taxation plays in driving social economic development of countries as well as its impact on businesses.Taxation is currently a key topic of discussion for governments and the international community as pressure mounts for countries to protect their tax base as a main source of public revenue. On the other hand, it is also a key topic for corporates as they seek to balance tax compliance with maximization of shareholder returns.

LexTax believes that with efficient tax policies, both government and business objectives can be met; Governments will be able to safeguard their tax base while at the same time providing a conducive environment for business to thrive by ensuring ease of compliance and certainty in application of tax law.

With a good understanding of tax laws and their impact on business operations, the business community can arrange its tax affairs in a way that is efficient and that will not result to controversy with the tax revenue authority.

Our services include tax advisory services, tax dispute resolution support, and tax training, and tax research.

Omondi Mutava & Co. Advocates – Through our inhouse fully owned firm, we offer clients legal services cutting across various sectors including energy, finance (including Islamic finance), real estate, hospitality, and agriculture.


LexResearch exists to create linkages between law and society through research, innovation, publications, advisory and training. As such, we specialize in conducting research and training on law and law making for international organizations, governments, corporations, civil society and individuals.

We specialize in conducting research and training on issues of law and the development process for international organizations, governments, corporations, civil society and individuals. We apply the most rigorous research standards and promise our clients reliable and objective knowledge. Our mission is to contribute to societal development by providing our clients with objective knowledge so that they can make informed decisions on matters relating to law and development policy. We have expertise in diverse areas of law, including constitutional law, tax, governance, democracy, environmental governance, human rights, public finance, feminism, rights of children, international trade and investment, and access to justice.

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Reputed to be one of the most respected conveyancing practices in Kenya, the firm handles real estate transactions and developments across varied sectors. We advise real estate developers from inception to sale and our diverse experience includes complex leasing and management structures for the development of estates, business parks and shopping malls. More generally, we act in property sales and puchases as well as leases of immovable property. We have also acted in several transactions involving the acquisition of agricultural land, which require experience in navigating restrictions imposed on ownership of such land.   

The repeal and replacement of land legislation in 2012 has necessitated innovation and a fundamental understanding of land law. So well regarded is our expertise in this field that one of the firm’s partner’s has been instrumental in the drafting of subsidiary legislation necessary to give full effect to the new land laws.



From our inception, we have acted as corporate legal advisers to a large number of businesses in Kenya. These range from purely local undertakings to subsidiaries and branches of international corporations.

Our clients have appointed us to act on their behalf on retainer to advise on typical day-to-day issues as they might arise, including matters in relation to employment, tax, leases and contracts; or are asked to undertake specific larger tasks such as drafting and negotiating a broad spectrum of agreements typical to corporate and commercial entities.

Our clients represent a broad spectrum of industry including major hotels, insurance companies, renewable energy companies, media practioners, medical facilities, the hospitality sector, communications providers, entertainment industry, agribusiness (including horticulture and floriculture),  oil and gas companies, independent power producers and property developers. As general counsel to our clients, we cherish the relationships that are forged with sponsors and aim to ensure that we are always there when needed.